“All natural catastrophes are brought about by this Vishnumaya, She has this power to do it.”-Shri Mataji(20.09.1992)


…….Of course, I mean now with the Sahaja Yoga being established very well in Los Angeles, thing may be averted, but still it’s very dangerous. It’s one of the most powerful Shakti is this of Vishnumaya because She plays the illusion. She creates the Maya also. Also She breaks the Maya and She can burn anything. Your forest is burning now. ……Nobody has to take any matchbox for that. She can burn anything and is Her burning gives you the feeling that if there’s an electrical charge, as if burnt with electrical charge. This is very true in so many cases I’ve seen. Those who came to Me with problems of left Vishuddhi, that they said that, “We think that there’s some electrical charge coming out of here.” As if it’s the burning of an electrical shock. This is Vishnumaya’s doing and She’s the one who is the corrector. She corrects. Don’t feel guilty. Face your problems.

It’s sort of when we hide our mistakes in the name of guilt, when we try to camouflage it, She’s the one who exposes it on individual level, on collective level, on national level, international level. Because She can permeate into anything and this permeation of Hers gives Her such subtleties. But people cannot relate disaster to their mistakes. They cannot. They don’t understand why such a disaster has taken place, what has happened. There was a big typhoon that came, came up to a point and suddenly turned towards Kauai. Now what was the reason for that, to go and hit Kauai? In Kauai there is a Swayambu of Shiva, is a fact. People are making money out of it, quite a lot of money and deceiving people. There’s big business going on in the name of Shiva. So Kauai was hit, not Hawaii so much as Kauai, and it turned suddenly, no one can understand that.
So all these thundering things that are coming from nature, anything, whether it is earthquake or it is landslide or it could be floods or it could be typhoon, anything is the work of this Vishnumaya or we can say all natural catastrophes are brought about by this Vishnumaya. She has this power to do it. This is the only way they can shock people, but despite all that shocking, people have to relate these disasters so their mistakes that they have committed and have nicely kept it here, not facing it………Separate yourself from yourself. You can talk on the mirror. You can go to the river and talk there or you can go to an ocean and tell them that: “See, I’ve done this mistake and now I’m not going to do it.” You can make promises to all of these elements. Once you make these promises, this Vishnumaya will receive the message and She won’t enter into any one of these elements to disturb you. … So one has to get to Realization*, change the genetics completely and then you can go and tell the nature that: “All right, we are not guilty now. We’ve got our Realization.” And it will work, I am sure. So many of catastrophes of this country can be avoided by you Sahaja Yogis…..

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Vishnumaya puja, Shawnee, Pennsylvania, USA, 20th September 1992.)

*To experience self realisation,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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