” I am very public and I say everything public. “- Shri Mataji (26.09.1980)

       Now another thing I want to tell you, nobody should talk to each other saying, “Mother says so.” I think you stop all your meetings, that’s a better idea. “Mother said so, Mother said so.” I never say to anyone. If I have to say, I say it directly. Nobody should use this phrase. I’m requesting all of you. “Mother said so.” I am very public and I say everything public. So, nobody should pass words to anyone saying, “Mother said so.” And whatever is in Sahaja Yoga is already quite a lot. Learn from that. You don’t start teaching new things. Because you will act as mediums, and bhoots will act through you. And you will become real mediums of real satanic forces.
……I said to you that these things are to be seen in a proper perspective. What I find there is no prudence in it; there is no prudence of any kind. You fight among yourselves. Doesn’t matter if somebody says something to you. All right? Just bear it up. In Sahaja Yoga you have to learn how to bear it up. How much you can bear from others. Nothing is going to be lost…..Everybody trying to show their knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. Best way is to articulate among yourselves the spirit of love. Instead of everybody becoming a great leader, is better you lead yourself and that will help you.
…….Try to love each other, just bear it up. And do not be agitated too much and do not demand. The humblest are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. The meek people are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. Not the ones who are very particular about something and who take decisions. Please take decision-making at zero, “I do not take any decision. I will not take any decision. Let Mother take the decision.” This is the way you can do it. Now, everywhere Sahaja Yoga* is coming up, people are understanding. You have to discipline yourselves; there is no idea of discipline. You try to disciplining others and nothing about yourselves. Everything that is living is disciplined. See on a tree how the leaves spread, how they discipline themselves and how they arrange themselves. Is there any fight going on?

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Chelsham ashram, London, UK, 26th September 1980.)

*To experience self realisation,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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