“Sahaja Yoga cannot be forced into anyone whatsoever, It has to be accepted.”- Shri Mataji(02.10.1983)


For small, sm all things you should not worry. You must give up your tensions absolutely and understand that you are the children of God. You are to be looked after. You are to given everything that is available in His realm. You should not get into tension at all. Firstly, not to feel guilty, [ …..] Have no guilt, have no worries of the past because if you worry of the past you can never enjoy the present. You are here to enjoy and not to worry about the past.

I hope you understand this very well and to forget whatever has happened and forgive. There are Sahaja Yogis with you. Enjoy life. Always try to see the good points of other Sahaja Yogis and not the bad points. Normally we try to find out what’s wrong with another person, especially when we know about chakras. We just understand that this person has got these very bad chakras. Then the only thing what to do is to give yourself a bandhan, which I will tell you, and deal with the person. But when you know that person has this sickness or this kind of a chakra caught up, no use arguing, no use telling them. Let them come up, they’ll come right. Tell them that this is what it is. At the most you can tell your children, you can tell your wife. But somebody who is not connected [with you ?], you cannot put Sahaja Yoga into their heads. Sahaja Yoga* cannot be forced into anyone whatsoever. It has to be accepted [..]. It has its own protocol. It cannot be just poured into your mouth, that you’d better have it, is a wrong thing.

There are some people who still have lots of doubts, I know that, who are sitting here. These should go away. Because then they feel guilty, “I have doubts.” Please get rid of those doubts if possible because I do not want that you should feel later on that, “Oh, Mother, we doubted you.” Just now better get rid of the doubts……..Those who have doubts should know that those who have doubts will go very slow and they may be thrown out. So please don’t have any doubts. A doubting mind is the most troubling thing. It will never allow you to enjoy your spirit. There is no need to doubt about it. Everything is so open, there is no secret about it. You understand that and try to imbibe the quality of a good Sahaja Yogi, of a Sahaja Yogi who is steady. …..

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Ganesha Puja ,Santa Cruz, California,USA, 2nd October 1983.)

*To experience self realisation,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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