Kali said to Nala: ‘Those who are seeking God now in the hills and valleys, will ultimately find Him in Kaliyuga.’



The meaning of punyas that is known is doing the work by which God is satisfied and becomes happy. We should do such works. A person who does this kind of work is really Punyavaan (one who has punyas) because when he pleases God, then God’s blessings fall upon him and he gets punyas. The powers of God which flow into such a person create something like a new consciousness or a new personality or a new status in him. This new status is such that when this person goes to any house, any country, any place, there the blessings of God start raining down. It is as if he has an umbrella and those who come under it are blessed by God. Wherever such a person lives, if there is an imminent problem in that place then it gets solved…….

It is very surprising to see that a person with punyas gets a desire for money. Anything can happen in Kaliyuga. It is surprising to see that in Kaliyuga, even if a Realized Soul is born then he can drink alcohol, take drugs or take to violence. It is astonishing that a Realised Soul who is full of punyas can do such things. This is a kind of a pull of Kaliyuga, its effect and its environment. Once a punyavaan person’s sees something, then his attention goes to that thing and develops a weakness for it. This is a great tyranny of the Kaliyuga upon us. But there is a bright side to it also. If you ask that what was the need for this tyranny of Kaliyuga to come upon this earth? If Kaliyuga has come then it too must have a reason. On this matter there is something written in Damayanti Akhyaan. Once Kali came into the hands of Nala, Damayanti’s husband. Nala said,’ You separated me from my wife and caused me great pain so I am going to kill you now!’ Kali said,’ It is alright if you kill me but I too have some importance.’ Nala asked, ‘What importance can you have? You put everyone into illusions and people take to the wrong path because of you.’ Kali replied, ‘There is a great importance. When such a time comes then it will be an Agni Pariksha for man. Only then he will know who is true and who is false. This is the only way to judge how much punyas a person has. A person cannot be judged until he goes through this Agni Pariksha.’ It is also written in the Bible, that the person born in the Kaliyuga, his Last Judgement will take place. It will be seen how much punyas and apunyas he has. So, the importance of the Kali Yuga is that our Agni Pariksha takes place in this time. Apart from this Agni Pariksha, there is also a great blessing in this time. Nala was told that when this time comes, thousands of people will get their Realization*, they will be emancipated, they will transform. Kali said,’ Those who are seeking God now in the hills and valleys, will ultimately find Him in Kaliyuga.’ This is the blessing.

…… This is a very great blessing of Kaliyuga that this light can come and as soon as this light comes then no one can even touch you with the wrong intentions, no one can trouble you, no one can kill you, no one can snatch anything from you. You are completely protected. You will see that you will become so powerful that you can end any form of terror or problems just by standing up to it. ..

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Navaratri, Shri Gauri Puja, Pune, India, 5th October 1986.)

*To experience self realisation,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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