“The truth is joy, it is beauty and it plays with you.”-Shri Mataji (9.10.1979)

truth is

In Sahaja Yoga* when we go subtler and subtler our analysis also becomes subtler and subtler. ….So if you realize that the truth is not always starkingly like a scorching sun, but it slowly comes out of the clouds and shows you its face and just disappears to tease you a little bit because it loves you. And love is the thing that understands how to excite your joyous points, how to give joy to you through your Spirit being drenched in love. Nowhere you will find in the world such play of beauty. So we reach the conclusion that truth is joy, it is beauty and it plays with you. And one should not be worried. It sometimes becomes like a little naughty child and sometimes like an old ancient sage, sometimes fresh like a morning breeze or could be a dark night for you to rest. To see the beauty of truth, one should not analyze, but see for yourself what’s coming next……Because human nature is very beautifully made to enjoy the expression and manifestation of truth. But we have to develop our sensibility…….

So the another thing which is so important about truth is that let the truth present itself and you just receive the blessings of truth. Suddenly you’ll find something will happen that you never expected you could do and you can manage things better. All your lives, all Sahaja yogis’ lives, it’s patterned like that, is all made, all the patterns are all the time made by truth for you. But if you should not belong to anyone of these categories I have told you and if you are not possessed you will have that sensitivity to see the different hues of beauty expressed by the truth. That is how life becomes so beautiful everywhere. You don’t feel tired, you don’t feel unhappy, you don’t get angry but you just enjoy.

Another thing perhaps you are not aware that once you start seeing the miracles of truth you will be surprised that whatever you say comes true, whatever you desire happens. And you become so powerful that sometimes I’m afraid of you. If you have decided that I have to come to Frankfurt, jolly well I’ll have to come. I’m not confused. Because all My life now is dedicated for the well-being and benevolence of humanity, completely, entirely. Now all My priorities are according to that. Not only that but I find all My life is chiseled out beautifully to be that. And I enjoy it and I do not analyze it at all. I’ve no time to analyze nor brains to analyze…..

( An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Caxton Hall, 8th of October, 1979.)

*To experience self realization,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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