“Prophet is a person who can feel the all-pervading power around.”-Shri Mataji (17.10.1981)


     You are seekers of Truth, of Love, of Joy. For ages you’ve been seeking that. Joy is the result when you get to that position where you become your Spirit, your Atma. You should be in Joy, not talking about it, but enjoying it. And that has to happen to you. It’s a happening for which you have built in for ages….

     William Blake is one of the greatest prophets of the modern times. For you Western people, he said that “The men of God,” that means you people. You are people of God. You are not of this gross level. If people don’t understand you that does not mean that I don’t understand. I know you, what you are. I know what it is, I can feel it. He said, “Men of God will become prophets, and these prophets will have powers to make others prophets.” This is what we have to expect within ourselves.

    So you have to become the prophet and you have to make others prophet. Now this is the point you should judge: Have you become the prophet? What is a prophet? Prophet is a person who can feel the all-pervading power around. Now I said there is all-pervading power of Love. Oh you also sing the song, they say, “Yes, there is all-pervading power.” Many people also feel that they are feeling it, but it’s not true. We have to be honest to ourselves because we are seekers, we should not cheat ourselves because this is ego that makes you cheat. …

( An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Public Program ,Santa Cruz, CA ,USA, 17th October 1981.)
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