“Christ came on this earth to redeem us of our ego and superego..”-Shri Mataji(2.11.1987)


       In the evolutionary process, we had established up to our fifth chakra, alright, for human beings. All these incarnations are there to establish different centres within us and Christ is bestowed upon the sixth chakra. Now there is a big tight, we should say a knot, here, between the ego and superego, symbolic of how human beings have their ego and their conditionings and with these two things, how do they make others suffer, or suffer themselves? 

     Now, Christ came on this earth to redeem us of our ego and superego and symbolically, He had to pass through this tight area to establish this centre in the great being we can say, the macrocosm. So He suffered from, for the microcosm, a macrocosm suffered. But They do not suffer, because They are witness. And he passed through that area to establish that centre. So, when the Kundalini rises and awakens Christ within us, then our ego and superego will be completely consumed by Him So the message of His life is not His suffering, His crucifiction, but His resurrection because He established this centre within us, for our resurrection. 

    Now supposing I want to make something comfortable for my children. So I have to go through the ordeal of myself, and that has to be done, but it’s done out of love so you don’t feel it. Then the children don’t have to go through the ordeal again. They have to just enjoy….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,Public Program, Paris, France, 2nd November 1987.)

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