“After coming to Sahaja Yoga, you become a Divine person.”- Shri Mataji (14.11.1982)

       Now, after coming to Sahaja Yoga*, you become a Divine person. Definitely you become Divine, you are now a Divine personality, you are not a human personality. So you have to give up, all that is human within you, then only you will be fully Divine. But it’s very difficult, that’s the problem is, that it is very difficult to really accept that you are Divine, and that you have to take Divine policies and Divine attitudes, and Divine temperament. Now, the Divine temperament is generous, it is not bothered, as to what happens next. It’s not bothered, because it is connected with the Source. If you give one you’ll get hundred; it is sure about it. And to a Divine person, worldly things have no meaning, if they cannot give pleasures to others.

    A person who is very self-indulgent, always bothered about himself, is not a Divine person at all. In no way he’s Divine. It’s very common, it’s human; everybody does that, everybody is self-preserving. But after Sahaja Yoga, you do not start all this nonsense again; you give it up. And who looks after you? Who looks after your self-preservation? Is God almighty. You are now completely dedicated to Him, and He looks after you. You don’t have to worry as to how to look after yourself: how to do this, how to do that. It is His work. The more you go on worrying about yourself, the worse it will be.

    The moment you give it up, it is looked after. Many Sahaja Yogis must have experienced [this] in their lifetime that when they try to give it up, they get all the help from God. But whenever they try to assert, and worry about their well-being and things like that, then there is a problem.

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Diwali Puja, London, UK, 14th November 1982.)

*To experience self realization,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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