Who is this God ?

    Now, let’s see who is this God and what am I talking about. In the beginning, it was just a Silence, complete Silence. And out of the Silence, when it awakened, the Silence was awakened. That Silence is called as “Parama-Brahma”, in Sanskrit language. I am sorry, I have to use Sanskrit language, it doesn’t mean that it is something Hindu. These ideas you must get rid of. Because in India, people have meditated much more, they didn’t have to fight the Nature like the one we were fighting now coming down to the hall. The atmosphere is so nice and warm, people can live even under a tree. They had lot of time, they didn’t have to fight the Nature so much, so they had lot of time to meditate. And in their meditations* they have found out certain things, for which they have used Sanskrit language.

     So, this Parama-Brahma or you can call it this Silence, the Absolute Silence, was awakened, got awakened because it itself got awakened, like we sleep and we get awakened. And then this Silence became what you call Sadashiva when it was awakened and when this Sadashiva started breaking, in the sense that It wanted, It desired to create. As we say, that the morning sun is breaking through the dawn, in the same way, when His desire started manifesting, His desire became His power and It got separated from Him. Now, whatever I say is just a story for you, you need not believe it, but I will reach up to a point where you will see something which you can believe into and then gradually, step by step, you can believe into this theory. This is just a hypothesis for you.

    So, when this desire became a power, His power, It was called as Shakti or Mahashakti or Adi [Shakti] means ‘Primordial Power’. This Primordial Power assumed a personality and entity. It had to, if It had to act. If you have only a desire in your heart, it’s no good. We have to transform it into some form otherwise it will, the desire will rise and it will fall off. So, this desire got into a form, we can say, or entity which is called in the Bible as Holy Ghost and in the Sanskrit language as Adishakti….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program, Brighton, UK, 15th November 1979.)

*To experience self realization,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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