“Actually God has made us in such a way that a time will come when we ourselves judge ourselves.”-Shri Mataji (28.11.1980)


This transformation is the sign of something prophesized long time back. This is the Last Judgment that has started. Our idea about Last Judgment is sometimes very absurd. Actually God has made us in such a way that a time will come when we ourselves judge ourselves. For this purpose He has placed within us a power called Kundalini and a triangular bone called as sacrum. […] This power rests in our triangular bone in three and a half coils. This power has to rise, awaken to give us our Self-realization as they call it. After this realization only the transformation will start. Without that there cannot be any fundamental transformation in our awareness.

Many people think that if they can read about God or if they could talk about God or they do certain techniques they will become one with God. This is a living process and has to happen spontaneously. You cannot force it. You cannot argue it out. You cannot certify. It has to happen within you. This is the Last Judgment because that’s the only way you can be judged. God almighty is not going to have a balance or something like that in which He puts you and weigh how much you weigh. We have – you can see here clearly – there are three forces acting within us. The first force is the force of our desire and the second force is of our action. By the first force we have our emotional side and by the another one we have our physical and the mental side. This is the very subtle energy within us which is flowing and is expressing itself – manifesting itself outside in the gross as sympathetic nervous system.

Now, the central line that you see there represents whatever awareness we have so far achieved up to the human level. There is still a big gap within us which has to be crossed….For this we have got great incarnations and great prophets who came and told that you have to seek your Self. Now, your Self is within your heart, your Spirit, and how do you enter into it to seek? If I say you pay attention to your Self inside, can you take your attention inside? Your attention is towards Me but you can’t put it inside. That is why this happening has to take place. With this happening your attention is subtly attracted inside. Your attention exists in that area and this area has to be somehow penetrated or brought into the realm of Spirit. This Kundalini*, when She rises from Her sleep She pushes out your attention ….

An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,Public Program. Paris, France, 28th November 1980.)

*To experience self realization,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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