“Respect is the only way to learning anything.”-Shri Mataji (6.12.1991)


So the first quality that Ganesha should give us is vinay – “vinay” meaning the humility. The humility is not superficial, like you go on saying “sorry” or “excuse me”, “I’m afraid” – not that way. It’s not watchik, it’s not just lip-service, but from within the humility has to come. Now the humility is, of course, is always marred by ego and the ego just keeps you afloat, and you never understand that you have been egoistical. Even when I talk about ego, people think that Mother is saying about somebody else there, they never think “it’s me who has this ego.” So Ganesha is the killer of ego, because humility is the only thing that really can neutralize your ego. To humble down yourself, you have to see what?

For example in this country you have come, very simple people, you see, living very simply, they don’t have all these sophisticated things around them; eating with their hands, eating on the plant and leaves, you see. And according to certain ladies who have lived here, the Westerners, they think they are all primitive. But see the way they have developed this art. This kind of swiftness and this kind of, even jumping this kind, you cannot achieve. Now, what is the reason for this kind of working, is humility towards art. Art is to be respected. A guru is to be respected. Respect is the only way to learning anything. That is sort of ingrained in an Indian blood, I think, that you must obey your guru implicitly, implicitly. And this guru is training so many people, there are so many girls there, not for anything but just to express his art. He doesn’t get much money, I could see that. They have very little provision, and also he doesn’t charge too much. But the dedication he has is like the dedication of Shri Ganesha to His Mother. And the way he is completely drawn into it: all other things are not important.

So for humility you have to withdraw your attention from other things. This is an extremely important thing. If your attention is going to your other problems, this, that, or if you are trying to come to Sahaja Yoga* through other channels, it’s not going to work out. You have to humble down in your heart, absolutely humble down. He’s innocent, that’s why He’s humble. If you are not innocent, then you cannot be humble. Sign of innocence is humility. A good child, a nice innocent child is extremely obedient. Whatever you tell them, they just obey. I know My grandchildren – once we were going to Nepal, and it was very cold there. And their mother said, “They won’t take anything on their heads.” I said, “I’ll do it in one, one minute.” I just called them, gave them pieces of ordinary cloth. I said, “You have to cover your head”. “All right.” They put it on their head, put it properly, fixed it up. They were looking a little weird, but they didn’t mind. This is what is missing, and that’s why we find the depth is less. Not just only the conditioning – I would not say the conditioning. People are out of conditioning; even Indians have become like that. It’s difficult for them to be humble, very difficult. You may call Western influence, or maybe that they have forgotten their past. But humility is so important. ….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja, Madras, India, 6th December 1991.)

*To experience self realization,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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