“Your mirror is your Spirit.”- Shri Mataji (23.12.1986)

…..All right God created this universe to see His image and as I told you that gold cannot see its beauty, nature can not see its beauty, the Sun cannot see its beauty. So they have to express themselves, manifest themselves to see their own image.

Now God has created human beings ultimately as I told you and now He wants to see His beautiful image in you people. So first of all to know that your mirror is your Spirit. That is the mirror you have got which you can see, which does not know its greatness, does not know its beauty, does not know anything, in the sense that it reflects the beauty of God within you. Now you have to create an image or you can say we have to manifest our work in such a manner that we see our image of this mirror of God that we have got within ourselves. So when Sahaja Yogis start manifesting themselves, ascerting themselves, projecting themselves, then they can see their own image and they are surprised how can we (be) so beautiful?…

So when you get all these experiences of your goodness, of your greatness, of your glory, you start manifesting God. So now for God your mirror is ready. For Him you are His mirror. And He wants to see Himself through you. So all the beauty that you have, all the powers you have are within you. …

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Nassik, India, 23rd December 1986.)

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