“There’s nothing else to offer in Sahaja Yoga but the joy of life, and that is the essence of all the achievements of life.”- Shri Mataji (27.12.1989)

….But in Sahaja Yoga* when you want to thank you see it is really heart felt you say it from your heart, you have to put your hand on your heart otherwise you just can’t say it, it is that way that we should feel and once you open that heart fully, opening of the heart is very important and that, unless and until you can do it you cannot enjoy anything in Sahaja Yoga because the heart where resides the Spirit and it is the Spirit that emits the joy.

So if you do not have an open heart, and if you are just living on very superficial level you can never enjoy Sahaja Yoga, and this enjoyment of Sahaja Yoga is something to be really achieved and to be enjoyed. Because that’s why you are here for, there’s nothing else to offer in Sahaja Yoga but the joy of life, and that is the essence of all the achievements of life. Everything we do for the joy but everything whatever we do for joy after some times we find it becomes a sort of a reaction.

So there is very important point that to make our individuality beautiful we should not immediately react to people, should not give our own opinion ‘I don’t like it, I don’t want it’, but we should absorb the beauty of another person. Now supposing there’s a flower you get, immediately you will see the beauty of the flower, you like to take the fragrance of the flower but suddenly you say ‘I don’t like flowers’ then what can the flower do to you? So one should not react and one should not have such subtle idea about your likes and dislikes because it’s a joy-killer habit, it’s a joy killer….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi during India tour at Pune on 27th December 1989.)

*To experience self realization,you may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/tv channel.

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