“Mother You be in our brain.”

….If your brain can be enlightened, then you will think as the Divine thinks and your sensitivity will improve, because sensitivity comes from the central nervous system. Now in the central nervous system if there is any blockage it is actually in the brain because all the centers are represented in the brain.

So the best thing is to say that, “Mother come in my brain. Please reside in my brain. Please make Your room in this brain. You be the controller of this brain. Let this brain be guided by Your divine wisdom.” And you don’t think for yourself, and this word ‘I think’ should be dropped completely from Sahaja Yogis. ‘I think’ means, goes on you see, in funny ways; it can be anything, you see. …..

Now positive thinking is nothing but is thinking – as according to Sahaja Yoga, is not aggressive thinking, but it means that a thinking which helps to manifest the Divine. That is what is positive thinking. And the result of that is that your nerves start opening out, and you start feeling the manifestations of divine power in your fingers in your being. ….. So it is important that first of all you must decide to stop the brain working too much and say that “Mother You be in our brain.” …

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji on Puja in Adelaide ,Australia, 4 March 1983.)

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