“To be in the present we have to be in the centre, for that kundalini awakening is the solution.”

….The traditional idea is the same as told by Christ to Nicadamus.  He said that, “You are to be born again to understand God.”  As Shree Krishna has said that, “You have to be the spirit.  Otherwise you will not know what God is.  You have to be the spirit.”

Buddha went to this limit that he said, “Don’t talk of God.  Don’t talk of anything, just talk of self-realization.  Just get to your spirit.”  That’s what he wanted to delimit human beings who just become so ego oriented that they start thinking that they are Gods and things like that.

And Zen Vidhitama who started the Zen system, went even further or a lower than that.  He said, “No, don’t talk even about the spirit.  Just talk about thoughtless awareness.”  That’s the first step.  Let us get it.  All Zen expressions in art, in garden, in anything they have is to create that state within us so that we become thoughtlessly aware.  It is not thoughtlessness, but it is thoughtlessly aware, that is when one thought rises it falls of and another though rises and it falls off.  We live on the cusp of the future and the past.  But to be in the present we have to be in the centre.  For that kundalini awakening is the solution.

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,Public Program, 1985-06-03, New York City)

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