“Don’t deceive yourself.”

Like in the ancient times Cancer was called as ‘karka’ (कर्क) in India and you also call this thing as cancer since long. Now, the disease cancer is also called ‘cancer’. Just see how it is related. And in Indian language also it is called as the disease of the Cancer, in the sense karka, they call it karka roga (कर्क रोग), you see – two words. They also call it due to the ‘karka roga’ and that also called ‘karka roga’ means – heat producing. It produces heat first of all. And secondly it had another meaning, that in cancer, cancer stands for the Mother.So when you commit sins against the Mother cancer is produced. Sin against the Mother. Cancer sign is the sign of the Mother only; and when you try to commit sins against the Mother this starts. And since my advent this disease has become very prevalent because sin against the Mother is the biggest sin in the modern times. So, one must know that the sin against the Mother will lead, equal, to cancer. So it started from Ganesha tattwa.

Many people who have this problem, Ganesha problem, they may be very good in other things but still, if there is the left Ganesha problem, they should be very, very careful. It’s like a hole in your being. And to overcome that problem you may cover up with something else. Like such people may say, “Oh, I am so great. I will never feel like this.” That’s not a good thing. Just overcome your Ganesha problem with which you are perverted. So all these perversions must be sucked in just like a tortoise sucks in the four limbs within themselves. That is how you must suck in those things. And do not try to overcome by Right Vishuddhi, by saying that you are great or you are this or you are that.

Some people I have seen also try to show off about it and try to say things which looks quite big, but ultimately I find that they have a Left Mooladhara. It’s a serious thing it is, very, very serious. So be careful. Don’t deceive yourself. Anyone of you. Those who have Left Mooladhara problem have to be extremely careful not to be tempted to any supraconscious behaviour or talking…

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Makar Sankranti Dhulia, India,13 January 1983.)

How the whole creation has worked out ?

….If you understand that all this, whatever is created on this Universe and in many Universes, is the work of the Adi Shakti. Now many people believe that there is one God – it’s true, there’s one God – God Almighty. But He has His own powers which he can embody into someone and can get His own manifestation expressed.

So first of all He did, was to create the power of Adi Shakti. When it was created, then there was a sound, the sound that we call as AUM – logos or anything you call it – by the primordial sound and these three powers came out of that sound, is A, U and M – AUM. The Adi Shakti is the one who embodies the desire of God Almighty. The desire of God Almighty comes out of His compassion and for His own expression, for His own manifestation, for His own reflection. I would say that He must be tired of loneliness so He must have thought of creating a partner who will manifest His desires. Thus, the power of God Almighty separated from Him and formed an embodiment of His compassion, His desire to create. They say in Sanskrit – they use a word Chitvilas – is the enjoyment of the Adi Shakti. Chit is, as you know, is Chitta, is attention. The attention has its own joy and to manifest that joy of our attention, She created all the universes, She created this Mother Earth, She created all this nature, She created all the animals, She created all the human beings and She created all the Sahaja Yogis. This is how the whole creation has worked out….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella Ligure, Italy, 9th June 1996.)

“To be in the present we have to be in the centre, for that kundalini awakening is the solution.”

….The traditional idea is the same as told by Christ to Nicadamus.  He said that, “You are to be born again to understand God.”  As Shree Krishna has said that, “You have to be the spirit.  Otherwise you will not know what God is.  You have to be the spirit.”

Buddha went to this limit that he said, “Don’t talk of God.  Don’t talk of anything, just talk of self-realization.  Just get to your spirit.”  That’s what he wanted to delimit human beings who just become so ego oriented that they start thinking that they are Gods and things like that.

And Zen Vidhitama who started the Zen system, went even further or a lower than that.  He said, “No, don’t talk even about the spirit.  Just talk about thoughtless awareness.”  That’s the first step.  Let us get it.  All Zen expressions in art, in garden, in anything they have is to create that state within us so that we become thoughtlessly aware.  It is not thoughtlessness, but it is thoughtlessly aware, that is when one thought rises it falls of and another though rises and it falls off.  We live on the cusp of the future and the past.  But to be in the present we have to be in the centre.  For that kundalini awakening is the solution.

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,Public Program, 1985-06-03, New York City)

“ Pure eyes.”

Pure eyes.

Now, how is it possible? When you see Christians and Christian nations, they suffer from this disease of not having at all clean eyes. There’s a kind of a lust and greed in the eye and they are not ashamed of it.

Thank God, Sahaja Yogis all over the world have changed so much, transformed so much. They have become so beautiful that this problem we don’t have. And if somebody has it, we want that person to get out of Sahaja Yoga till they cure themselves and come to normal. The main problem of the Christian nation is that they have become too much mental. Even sex they do mentally, in the sense they flirt. The eyes are so much all the time looking at something and reacting to it. They cannot witness anything.

Anything they’ll see they start thinking about it, react to it.

Then the reaction, because they are not evolved, can take them to any level of bestiality. Worse than beasts. For example, an innocent person sees something, he goes into thoughtless awareness and he just enjoys the beauty of that, but a person who is full of lust and greed can never enjoy anything….

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Easter puja April 3rd 1994,Australia )

“When Shiva awakens within us……”

I had told you about Shiva’s place in Kundalini Shastra. In a man’s heart, He always enlightens like the light of a lamp. Because of which the knowledge of right-wrong, discretion remains awakened, which goes on forbidding us, don’t do this, this is wrong, this is unrighteous. This is wrong, this is deceitfulness, this is is greed, this is pride, this is jealousy, this is Adharm, this is below the dignity of a man, this is not worthwhile. But the independence that a man has, is used by him very badly and he disregards Shiva.

Shiva drinks the poison of the whole world. Whatever amount of poison is settled in our heart, aversion towards others, evil etc., very impure thoughts, our heart becomes poisonous, when Shiva awakens within us, He drinks that poison. Shiva’s food, His drink is poison, whatever intoxicating things are there, the intoxicants etc., all that is injurious to consciousness is consumed (prashaan) by Shiva. He consumes all the poison of this type, of the world, inside His own being.

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1977-02-16 Mahashivratri, Delhi, India)

Try to be humble.


……..So criticism should go out of our mind but appreciation should be practiced: appreciation of others’ children, appreciation of other people is very important but that doesn’t mean that you appreciate all others and torture your wife or torture your husband – that also is an imbalance. First responsibility is your family but you should appreciate others. And this comes when you have no jealousies about anyone. This jealousy, I don’t know from where it comes, so I don’t know this quality of jealousy, whythere is jealousy.

So, also if you have jealousy you have to use it for the right purpose, and what is the right purpose is that you should be jealous of a person who is spiritually higher than you, and you practice it that you become better. If jealousy is for competition, then you compete with the person who is more compassionate, more loving, more sacrificing, more patient. So this competition becomes a very healthy competition and the collectivity becomes very nourished……..

Now the worst enemy of collectivity is aggressiveness. Some people are basically aggressive; their style of talking is extremely aggressive, the way they say things is aggressive. May be because anything, may be they are better educated, may be they come from a very aggressive family, may be they are having a kind of a superiority complex or an inferiority complex or a sense of insecurity, or maybe they are possessed.They try to dominate and show their very strong feelings towards people – of superiority. They may be inferior, it’s not necessary, but they do and this is something is to be curbed. So what you have to practice here is humility. Try to be humble………

(An extract from talk of H H Shri  Mataji Nirmala devi on Virata Puja. Melbourne ,Australia, 10 April 1991)

“Mother You be in our brain.”

….If your brain can be enlightened, then you will think as the Divine thinks and your sensitivity will improve, because sensitivity comes from the central nervous system. Now in the central nervous system if there is any blockage it is actually in the brain because all the centers are represented in the brain.

So the best thing is to say that, “Mother come in my brain. Please reside in my brain. Please make Your room in this brain. You be the controller of this brain. Let this brain be guided by Your divine wisdom.” And you don’t think for yourself, and this word ‘I think’ should be dropped completely from Sahaja Yogis. ‘I think’ means, goes on you see, in funny ways; it can be anything, you see. …..

Now positive thinking is nothing but is thinking – as according to Sahaja Yoga, is not aggressive thinking, but it means that a thinking which helps to manifest the Divine. That is what is positive thinking. And the result of that is that your nerves start opening out, and you start feeling the manifestations of divine power in your fingers in your being. ….. So it is important that first of all you must decide to stop the brain working too much and say that “Mother You be in our brain.” …

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji on Puja in Adelaide ,Australia, 4 March 1983.)

“You all have become angels from the human beings, It’s a very great achievement of Sahaja Yoga.”

….And the speciality of Hanumana was that He was an angel. Angels are born like angels.  They are angels, and they are not human beings.  They’re born with the angelic qualities. But now, you all have become angels from the human beings. It’s a very great achievement of Sahaja Yoga. The qualities that are born with the angels are seen from their very childhood.

So in the left side we have ganas, on the right side we have angels. And translated in Sanskrit language or in any Indian language as devdhoot – means they are the ambassadors of gods. So now you are the same, you are all angels now. Only thing you are not aware that you are angels while they were aware from their childhood. If you know that you are angels, all your qualities will start shining through, and you’ll be amazed that the quality of standing by the truth at any cost is so easily managed for you, because you have been given the right, you have been given the special blessings, the special protection from the Divine that if you stand for the right, and if you stand for the righteous, and if you stand for the truth, all kinds of help to protect you will be given…..

the incarnations take upon themselves the problems and also the fight with the evil. So it looks sometimes that we feel that they suffer – but they don’t. But the angels are a special category, they don’t take up any problems upon themselves, they just solve them. If there’s a problem, it’s the angels who solve, for the saints as well as for the incarnations…

(An extract of talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi , Shri Hanumana Puja. Margate,UK), 23 April 1989.)

We are attacked by all kind of “isms” since the history of word started in this world..-Shri Mataji (7.1.1983)

…If your attention is entangled outside, you cannot enjoy. So, to be lost into which is samaadhi you see, is the one where your attention is completely drowned into the experience.

That is what we have to achieve. So it’s not only materialism, also emotionalism, all kinds of “isms.” We are attacked by all kind of “isms” since the history of word started in this world I think and now the unholy thing that the “ism” latest is, could be “Sahaja Yoga-ism.” Also could be the greatest word because now there has to be attack on Sahaja Yoga also.

In this one is that, as I told you, I didn’t explain it properly or you didn’t hear Me properly that day, that Sahaja Yoga does not mean lethargy or slowness, not at all, but is a quick and a fast stepping in into the dissolution. Very quick! And once you very quickly dissolve into it, the whole movement of your body is quick but not jerky, is smooth and quick, rhythmic, is musical, neither is awkward nor lethargic, but is musical, is as a rhythm about it, is very gracious. The whole movement of dissolution can happen to you very easily if you don’t allow your attention to be attacked by all these “isms.” There’s no end to it, I mean, if I have to write all of them I think we’ll have to need at least one book to write all the “isms” of the world. There’s no end to it, which we have created. All right.

Then the worst of all is now I think Sahaja Yoga-ism in which first of all is the feeling of lethargy: “It will happen Sahaja, sit down. Mother will do everything for you.” The another is Sahaja Yoga-egoism in which we haven’t got one fellow lying there, in which people get into tantrums, try to show off that they are great Sahaja yogis, they have reached the third stage or the seventh stage or whatever they may. Now it’s good, this example is a very good example, I wish you had taken up…

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Ganesha Puja, Rahuri , India, 7th January 1983.)

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“Every moment is a NEW YEAR for a Sahaja Yogi..”- Shri Mataji (3.01.1984)

Every moment is a NEW YEAR for a Sahaja Yogi because he lives in the present and neither in future nor in the past gone by. For him every moment is a New Year, a new surge of joy (UMANG), a new wave. Just as one, while already swimming in the ocean of love is lovingly tossed every moment by the love all around, so also every Sahaja Yogi is to live in complete joy (ANAND) love (PREM) peace (SHANTI) and blissful delight (ALHAD) The question is whether we have learnt to swim thus?

Only he should be called a Sahaja Yogi who has achieved complete satisfaction and tranquility (SAMADHAN) and his pure desire has been fulfilled. He should now enjoy the supreme and unique bliss of his immense capacity to give this to others. ……

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

(An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,New Year Puja,, Delhi, 1984-01-03.)

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